“The Joker” New Waltzer for the UK 2020

Uk, the land of the Waltzers

Het United Kingdom krijgt er in 2020 een waltzer genaamd ‘The Joker” bij. Deze komt uit Noorwegen en was in de handen van de Noordse exploitant “Thomas Tivoli” De nieuwe eigenaar is de Engelse exploitant “Barker” ook genaamd “Barker’s Fun Fair”. In de UK zijn de waltzers een vaste waarde op elke kermis. In geen enkel land ter wereld zal je er zovéél op de kermissen terugvinden. Deze is gebouwd door de attractiebouwer “KT Enterprises”

Picture by Barker’s Fun Fair

The United Kingdom will get a waltzer called “The Joker” in 2020. This is from Norway and was in the hands of the Nordic operator “Thomas Tivoli”. The new owner is the English operator “Barker” also called “Barker’s Fun Fair”. In the UK, the waltzers are a fixed value at every funfair, and in no country in the world will you find so many at the funfairs, built by the attraction builder “KT Enterprises”

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More info about “The  Joker”

Been off the road since 2018.

Press Release!

Elverum: a trip down beach drop-off ended dramatically for one of Thomas Tivoli’s cars. The Cart with the carousel that is the favorite of many – the joker – overturned, and thus started a hardened hunt for a new carousel!

If you look at how many miles we are out on roads every season, fortunately, there is hardly anything. But on the way down beachjellet towards hellesylt last week, it went wrong, says manager Arne Grønnesby at Thomas Tivoli.

In a swing at the end of a hill, the car came in against a hill when there suddenly came one that was going over the road. The driver had to swing away, and thus the wagon overturned with gondola and branch pynten to the joker. – Fortunately, there was no damage to our driver. But the carousel is so damaged that we don’t get it started again this season, says Arne Grønnesby.

Many sad faces for many are just the traditional joker itself the symbol of Thomas Tivoli. The round carts that spin at a healing pace, while the laughter rises, was bought new to carnival 22 years ago and has been
On every single grundsetmart since then. There is also a solid inventory on the elverumsdagene, and was adapted to Thomas Tivoli, so that there is no husband in the whole world. – everything from the look of the rhythm of the lys blinking is unique, says Arne Grønnesby, who admits that the carousel means something special to the employees as well. – there are a lot of sad faces here, yes! The driver was also really sad after you went wrong, so we had to spend some time comforting him.

– it’s nice with it, this is a carousel that many people have a relationship with. They will be happy when they see it! If we come to a place we’ve been earlier, everyone talks about the joker. People have grown up with it, and now they come to Tivoli with their own children to show it, he says. It would probably have been possible to get the carousel repaired so that it was also out of the season this season. But then it wouldn’t be pretty to look at. And will Thomas Tivoli come first with his ride, yes then the style should be kept!

– that’s why good advice was expensive. Could we find a replacement so that we could spend better time repairing the joker? – Oh, yes – we threw ourselves around and Sweden we have found a carousel that is now on its way to Norway. It’s not the joker, because there’s only one of it, but it’s a very good substitute! And the wagons spin if possible just as faster, so excitement will be at tivoligjestene, both in ålesund and molde, where we are now – and at elverumsdagene when we come so far!

Ostlendingen. No.
Brynhild Marit Berger Møllersen Brynhild.Mollersen@Ostlendingen.No –

The show must go on

Mr T, Uncle T, brother t, miss t and all the employees of Thomas Tivoli

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