Stamford & Grantham Mid-Lent Fairs cancelled

Grantham Mid-Lent Fair in 2019

Two of England’s first major street fairs of the season have just been cancelled today. The historic Mid-Lent fairs of Stamford and Grantham will now not go ahead in a couple of weeks time.

The Chairman of the Nott’s & Derby section of the showman’s guild – William Percival has just released this notice

Notts and Derby section of the Showman’s Guild are to inform all tenants of Stamford and Grantham that the two fairs have been cancelled by the SKDC ( South Kesteven District Council) this year.

In other developments the Scottish Section of the Showmen’s Guild expect to make a statement later today on the status of the Kirkcaldy Links Market – Scotland’s biggest Fair after reports emerged the event could be postponed or cancelled.

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