The Beast from Zinnecker to USA?

Het is nog niet bevestigd dat het om dit exemplaar gaat, maar zo te zien is de “Technical Park” Streetfighter Revolution “The Beast” van de Duitse exploitant “Zinnecker” verkocht naar de USA. Deze is nu in handen van “Reithoffer Shows”

Here is something to get excited about… Reithoffer Shows just took delivery of a new ride! The Beast will be coming to a fair near you soon! #Optimistic#TheBeast #LetsRide #FunIsComing

Picture “Reithoffer Shows”

It has not yet been confirmed that this is the specimen, but it appears that the “Technical Park” Streetfighter Revolutiion “The Beast” of the German operator “Zinnecker” has been sold to the USA. This is now owned by “Reithoffer Shows”

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